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WAR's Heavy Metal hotfixes

James Egan

Mythic Entertainment has announced some recent Warhammer Online hot fixes they've made regarding the Heavy Metal live event, which entails the completion of daily tasks for the chance to gain early access to the two new classes being introduced to the game. Despite the excitement some had about being able to play a Knight of the Blazing Sun or a Black Guard early through goal completion in the Heavy Metal event, there have been some issues and complaints that WAR players have been reporting -- particularly in regards to unfinished tasks and scenario launch rates at Reikland Factory.

Warhammer Online community coordinator James Nichols made an announcement about what Mythic is doing to address these concerns:

  • By popular request, players will now be able to complete previous daily tasks for the Heavy Metal event. A task will continue to unlock each day and remain open until the end of the event allowing players to complete all the tasks at their convenience. Please Note: If you notice an apparent loss of credit for any previous days you have already completed simply exit the game entirely and log back in to correct this issue.
  • Reikland Factory: Improvements have been made to potentially increase the rate at which the scenario launches.
How have your own experiences with WAR's Heavy Metal live event been?
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