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Election results from EVE Online's second Council of Stellar Management

James Egan

EVE Online is notable among MMOs for having a system where players elect other players to become part of a representative body known as the Council of Stellar Management (CSM). The main purpose of the CSM is to represent the interests of the playerbase before the developers at CCP Games and, hopefully, keep the game of EVE in step with how subscribers actually play it.

All four of the first CSM delegates who ran for re-election were voted in for the second council. Eva Jobse (aka 'Ankhesentapemkah'), Charlie Eriksen (LaVista Vista), Sean Conover (Darius JOHNSON), and Marcell Tóth (Tusko Hopkins) are all returning for another term. The CSM's new Chairman, having garnered the most votes in the election (2033), is Vuk Lau from 4S Corporation, of Morsus Mihi alliance. Joining them are four new delegates: Valentine Obasuyi (Pattern Clarc), Jeremy Jankie (Omber Zombie), Michele Boland (Issler Dainze), and Ryan Hamilton (Bunyip). According to EVE developer CCP Xhagen, the CSM's first order of business is to elect a vice-chairman, secretary and vice-secretary.

Voter turnout in this second election was only 8.61 percent, down from the 11.08 percent of the playerbase that voted in the first Council of Stellar Management election. CCP Xhagen has put up a dev blog that, along with the announcement of the elected delegates, lists the statistics surrounding the election and to what extent players opted to participate.

As to what will be accomplished by this new council, Xhagen said, "There is no way of knowing where this will lead, but we're all in it together and the promise of what we can accomplish together is astonishing." Be sure to check out the full election results in Xhagen's "Meet the Delegates of the Second CSM," for the rest of the information about the Council of Stellar Management election.

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