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Nanotech polyester fabric never gets wet, brings back the leisure suit in a big way


Researchers at the University of Zurich have combined the stylish, debonair appeal of polyester with the cutting edge science of nanotechnology to create a material that just cannot get wet. When coated with millions of 40nm-wide silicone nanofilaments, the hydrophobic polyester is protected by a layer of air that prevents water from making contact with the fibers beneath. Since water never makes it to the material, it can be submerged for two months and still remain dry to the touch. According to scientists, nano-polyester could be used to make swimwear with low water resistance and self-cleaning clothes. And who knows? It just might herald the return of wide lapels, bell bottoms or even (and we admit, this one's a long shot) Tony Orlando & Dawn. Our fingers are crossed!

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