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G1 and BlackBerry Bold get the Colorware treatment, finally feel at home with your bippies and lightsticks


As you probably learned in grammar school, there's a time in every gadget's life when it gets the Colorware treatment -- and for the G1 and the Bold, the time is now. It'll run you $150 to dress up your current T-Mobile handset, or the company will ship you a brand new one $725. Prices for the BlackBerry Bold run $139 and $674 for the makeover and the whole phone, respectively. Sure, that's a pretty pile of change, but if you'd spent your formative years in the East Coast rave scene you'd know just how coveted and stylish a pink, blue and orange G1 really is. If the BlackBerry is more your speed, make sure you check out that sexy number after the break.

[Thanks, Ken]

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