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John Koller: Piracy is 'trending down right now'

Alan Tsang

John Koller, SCEA's director of hardware marketing, told MTV Multiplayer last week that he sees piracy on the PSP receding in recent months. "It's trending down right now, we've seen the piracy not be as such prevalent in the last month to two months. But it has been a problem for us."

Sony keeps track the various video game piracy discussions around the web, according to Koller "We've noticed there's kind of a 'good vs. evil' battle that we track on many of the forums and many of the pirated web sites," There are even people who stand up for Sony on these websites, notes Koller. "It's kind of been nice to see other consumers going and help and fight the battle for us."

Can you guys think of a reason why piracy would be slowing down in the last two months? Could it be due to the lack of titles that pirates are interested in?

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