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UK Report: Tomb Raider Underworld sales leading on PS3


Xbox 360-exclusive DLC? Lara Croft fans aren't so easily swayed, it seems. According to, the gallivanting grave-robber has found herself exploring the interior of the PlayStation 3, more than any other system, with the release of Tomb Raider: Underworld. The report notes that 51 percent of the game's initial UK sales (before Monday?) were on Sony's monolithic platform, with the Xbox 360 accounting for 34 percent. The rest is made up of Underworld's PC, Wii and DS versions.

While the news is somewhat surprising -- the Xbox 360 tends to enjoy a larger share of multiplatform sales -- it should be noted that PlayStation 3 owners missed out on the last two, post-reboot Tomb Raider adventures. We'll see whether that reflects in the US sales once the month is over.

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