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Sony, Harmonix show support for UK's National Videogame Archive

Jason Dobson

As difficult as it is for us to get motivated to show support for saving the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, a UK effort to preserve video game history is one that managed to get us to stop pounding away at the keyboard and give a second look. Apparently both Sony Europe and Harmonix agree, and during the recent GameCity festival in Nottingham both made donations to the UK's newly founded National Videogame Archive, including the first ever EyeToy prototype and a prototype drum kit and guitar from Rock Band.

A collaborative effort between the National Media Museum and Nottingham Trent University, the National Videogame Archive promises to keep the dust from settling on important pieces of gaming history while documenting the "full life of games." First announced last September, the archive's organizers are currently debating the scope of the project, which currently is expected to preserve everything from early development art to advertising media. Even fan art and community activities will be on display, and we cannot wait to hear the screams of horror echoing from the fan fiction wing of the museum.

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