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    Sony's PlayStation 3 tops another "Best Blu-ray player" list

    Darren Murph

    For the longest time, the answer to the inevitable "What's the best Blu-ray player?" question was simple: "Sony's PlayStation 3, of course." Now, however, prices of less extravagant decks have plummeted, making the PS3 one of the pricier BD players on the market. True though that may be, Sony's BD-infused console still managed to top CNNMoney's list of "Best of the Blu-ray players." Critics pointed out that its Profile 2.0 support, quick load times and obvious extra benefits (gaming) made it a surefire winner, with the BDP-S350 and Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD notching silver and bronze, respectively. Panasonic's Profile 2.0 DMP-BD50 and Samsung's tried and true BD-P1500 finished out the top five, though it's fairly evident that reviewers didn't bother taking cash into account. We'll keep an eye out for the "Best Of" list for bargain hunters, but you're probably better off just grabbing the cheapest deck you can find this Friday and pondering the decision at a later date.

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