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First Look: Cronk for iPhone / iPod touch


Looking for a game to keep you occupied while Aunt Fern tells you about all of her operations over Thanksgiving dinner? If you like Zuma from Popcap Games, take a peek at Cronk for iPhone and iPod touch (click opens iTunes).

This game from Cronk Games, Inc. features a train of boulders of different colors moving around a path. Your job as Cronk the Caveman is to toss boulders of the same color to get three or more boulders of the same color in a row. When you do this, those boulders disappear. If you can eliminate all of the boulders in a given path and save Cronk's village, you gain points and move to a higher level of play.

Cronk has a fun soundtrack and good sound effects, and occasional earthquakes make it even more difficult for Cronk to toss his boulder into the right spot in the "rockslide".

The game is on sale for $4.99 for a limited time, down from the usual price of $7.99. If I were to make a recommendation to the developers, it would be to drop Cronk's price to $2.99 or less -- that's where another Zuma clone, BlackBeard's Assault, sits price-wise. Check out the gallery for a few more action shots.

Gallery: Cronk | 4 Photos

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