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Keepin' it real fake, part CLXIX: the iPhone gets flipped

Chris Ziegler

What would you get if you combined an iPhone, a unibody Macbook, a strobe light out of a smoky, drugged-out disco, and a shelter from pesky copyright infringement? We guess you'd get something like this, the creatively-named "iPhone V126" that you'll find floating around the streets of Shenzen these days. The QVGA display shows off a reasonably faithful reproduction of the iPhone's UI (for a non-touch device, anyway), but the similarities end there considering that you're going all the way down to a useless VGA cam paired with an Apple logo on the front cover that emanates entrancing pulses of searing white light every time you get a call. We'll take two in gold, please.

[Via PHONE Magazine]

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