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VUDU rolls out YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and games

Steven Kim

Lookee what VUDU brought to the Thanksgiving feast -- a spread of goodies that should dispel mutterings about the little box that could being a "one trick pony." More internet video from YouTube (hopefully with official HD from YouTube to follow soon), photo browsing of Flickr and Picasa and games, too. We use the phrase "games" pretty loosely, as Solitaire and Freecell won't be displacing your console -- unless you're still rocking an Atari 2600 -- anytime soon. FormatWarCentral was particularly impressed with the YouTube navigation, and now we're wondering how far off music playback can be. Sure, none of this is as exciting as the ability to purchase downloaded HD content (although music would come close), but that's just our tryptophan-induced gluttony talking!

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