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DS Novel coming to UK as 100 Classic Book Collection


DS Novel was hanging out on European release lists for over a year without so much as a word about when it's coming out or what it is. It seemed likely that the title would be a localized version of the hit literature collection DS Bungaku Zenshuu -- and it is!

Rather than translating 100 Japanese novels, which would have been pretty dang cool, the UK release of 100 Classic Book Collection (as it is now known) features works from writers like Jane Austen, all three Brontes, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, and other favorites whose works happen to be in the public domain. The full list of novels is available at the cart's Amazon listing. 10 more books will be made available over Wi-Fi.

100 Classic Book Collection also features book search, custom recommendations, and a bookmarking feature. It should be interesting to see if Nintendo polish (implemented by developer Genius Sonority) can make this competitive with the free Moon Books Project (a project which, by the way, has had a pretty rough time lately).


[Via GoNintendo]

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