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Yes, you can get the Wii Speak Channel ticket when you buy a used microphone


It's hard to believe that so much controversy could be stirred up by the Wii Speak Channel. Chances are that, had the shocking Wii Download Ticket scare not happened, none of us would have cared much about it. After a statement from Nintendo that didn't quite answer a Edge finally got a point-blank answer from Nintendo on the subject of the eligibility of owners of used WiiSpeak mics to get Download Tickets. Good news!

"Any consumer who requires a Wii Download Ticket after purchasing a pre-owned Wii Speak Accessory may contact their local Nintendo Customer Services department, where they can request a Wii Download Ticket for the Wii Speak Channel for free."

You can't get the Channel for use with your WiiSpeak on a friend's Wii, and you can't get a Ticket for use with a third-party mic peripheral. But hey! Nintendo isn't nefariously penalizing used sales like we all assumed!

Ever since it was revealed back at E3, WiiSpeak has been the talk (both good and bad) of the town. Check out our hands-on time with the device, as well as the details you may have missed on the WiiSpeak Channel. Plan on picking one up? Then you might want to check out Game Night, where you'll surely be able to chat with your fellow Wii lovers in the future.

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