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European PlayStation website adds PSN integration

Jem Alexander

Our assumption was that while SCEA was steaming ahead with some sort of web-integration for the PSN, SCEE has been sitting back. Indifferent and ignorant of any and all improvements. We were wrong, of course, SCEE has now implemented their own PSN integration with and, dare we say it, it's actually better than the US version.

"My PlayStation Network" allows PS3 owners to login with their PSN ID and create a basic "Portable ID". While this is pretty bare right now, with only the ability to set your current mood, favourite game and change your background theme, the site promises that more features will be coming. This includes online Trophy comparisons, a much-requested feature ever since they were first announced during the Summer. My PlayStation Network also lets you check your friends list and is much more user friendly that the US version, which splits your friends list into pages.

We look forward to more online PSN integration features for both regions which should be coming soon. Hopefully.

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