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    Sony's BRAVIA KDL-46Z4500 LCD HDTV reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Last we heard, Sony and Samsung were still passing blows about whose 200Hz HDTV was actually "first," but in the meanwhile, we figured we'd pass along a review (two, actually) of the BRAVIA KDL-46Z4500. In short, this is probably one of the best sets to float across the pond in quite some while. Both TrustedReviews and CNET found the HDTV to be stunning in terms of design and image quality, not to mention the great black levels and excellent media streaming via Ethernet / USB. The biggest gripe was simply the price -- if this thing were a few hundred pounds cheaper, it'd be a surefire winner. That said, those with excess cash can take the high recommendations to heart, but be sure and dodge those stray punches we mentioned up top when heading out to pick it up.

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