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Atlus grabs Steal Princess, mystery RPG


Atlus is no longer content with just producing the games we want. With recent releases like Ontamarama and Draglade and new announcements like Ys I & II, Trackmania DS, and the perplexing My World, My Way, the company has turned their attention toward localizing other companies' games we want. We appreciate the personal service.

According to the ESRB, the company has picked up at least one more of our fascinations: Marvelous' Steal Princess, a nice-looking ARPG with a map editor. They're also planning to release some kind of dungeon RPG called The Dark Spire, whose origin is currently unknown. Based on Atlus's longstanding Success connection, a Siliconera reader has posited (as we did when we saw the description) that this might be Success's Genmu no To to Tsurugi no Okite, the first-person dungeon RPG which allows players to switch between a gorgeous retro line-art mode and a gorgeous black-light-poster-esque mode. At least, we hope that's what it is!

Maybe you can identify Dark Spire based on the ESRB's description, which we've reproduced after the break.

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"This is a role-playing game in which players traverse through a dungeon to look for a stolen treasure. Players encounter monsters throughout the dungeon and can choose from a list of actions such as "attack," "defend," and "run." Some story elements have graphic descriptions of violence (e.g., "...cut his own wrists and sprayed his blood" and "the sword impaled her through the chest"). Character accessories can include "bikini armor" and a "frilled codpiece," while one scene mentions an "erotic panda." Expletives (e.g., "bastard" and "hell") can be seen in the dialogue, as well as references to alcohol products (e.g., "breath that reeks of rum")."

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