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DC Universe probably coming early 2010/late 2009, says comics writer

Michael Zenke

Stephen Totilo managed to get a few questions in edgewise for us gamer-types when MTV newsie Jennifer Vineyard recently spoke with comics writer Geoff Johns. Johns, as we've previously discussed, is one of the writers on-staff working to develop DC Universe Online. Vineyard spoke with Johns about the concept of 'secret identities', and his comments hint at some unique gameplay options ... without giving away too many details. "I like the idea that your secret identity is really outside the computer. You're a normal guy, and then when you log on to the game, you become the superhero." They also discussed the parallels between server sharding in an MMO and the 52 different versions of the DC Universe that the comics creator supports.

Most intriguing was his up-front information on the game's launch window. According to Johns, the developers are aiming to release the game in "early 2010, it could be late 2009." Read on into the brief interview for the goods.

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