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SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 patch adds in D-pad lean-in

Majed Athab

We've brought word previously that SOCOM: Confrontation was getting a 1.30 patch to fix a large set of bugs and add in tons of community-requested features, including Trophies. You can find a whole list of those changes here. However, the v1.30 patch will also be adding more than just the previously revealed content. The patch will also add in the ability to use the D-pad for the lean-in feature, instead of using the regular Sixaxis controls. Players can toggle between the two options in the middle of battle as seen in the clip above. Also featured in video (after the break), SCEA and Slant Six shows off the new transparent scoreboard.

However, there's still no mention of a release date for the v1.30 patch. Fans have been waiting for the patch since news first came out nearly a month ago, and hopefully, they won't have to wait much longer.

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