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Brash goes out with a fascinating bang

Justin McElroy

OK, clear the next half hour or so of your day, because you simply have to read Ben Fritz' stunning piece on the downfall of Brash (oh, you remember, it was the game studio that aimed to change the image of terrible licensed games by making horrible licensed games). For example, did you know Brash created its sales projections on Space Chimps assuming it was made by Fox animation (the house behind mega-hit Ice Age) when in fact, Fox was only releasing the film? It's true!

You owe it to yourself to see all the games Brash had in development, where its cash went, its "Wall Street" MMO and, of course, the Mickey Mouse story. With Brash officially dead, this is pure rubbernecking at the scene of the crash ... but that's not honestly going to stop you, is it?

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