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Heavy Rain will use SIXAXIS to 'push, hit, or kick'

Alan Tsang

Quantic Dream's David Cage sat down with 1UP to talk about their upcoming PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain. From our impressions, you already know the game will utilize SIXAXIS controls, mainly to interact with the environment or selecting an option during a conversation. Cage expands upon this, stating that SIXAXIS will be used "for violent actions requiring you to push, hit, or kick in general." However, the face buttons will only be used during PAR (what Cage calls QTE sequences), but not outside of them.

As many have deduced, the plot-heavy and emotionally engaging Heavy Rain will primarily be an offline, single-player title. Cage confirms this, but again mentions some form of DLC could be in the works: "The game will support the Trophy system and may offer some kind of extra content online, but Heavy Rain is a single-player experience."

The director also gave a number of insights into the upcoming genre-defying title, such as how he incorporated user feedback from his previous game, Indigo Prophecy. Read the full interview here.

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