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Spanish entrepreneurs aim to kill standby power drain, get gold star from Mother Earth

Darren Murph

The amount of power consumed from appliances and such left in standby mode is certainly up for debate, but what's not is the fact that they'd all be better off, um, off. That's according to Spanish inventors who have developed a technology to automatically detect when gadgets fall into standby mode and then shut 'em off completely; the best (read: differentiating) part, however, is that devices won't have to go through their boot-up sequence again after rising from the grave. Of course, this technology is worthless with devices such as security systems and DVRs, which obviously require at least some power at all times in order to effectively answer the call of duty. Still, the elaborately named Good for You, Good for the Planet is hoping to get its tech into power strips and individual gizmos soon, with one hotel chain in Spain already testing a prototype. Here's hoping these thoughtful entrepreneurs aren't squeezed to death by all of the collective hugging from trees that's surely going down.

[Via WalletPop, image courtesy of GavinBell]

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