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Blast Factor, echochrome to get Trophy patches


Surprisingly, two PSN games will be getting Trophy patches in the immediate future. Blast Factor, one of the earliest PSN games, will be getting a patch which adds DualShock 3 support and Trophy support. The game and its expansions will get 25 Trophies, although there's no word on what the Trophies are (yet!). The patch will be available for free tomorrow. Those that don't have the game will be able to buy it off the PlayStation Store for $10, or $13 with both add-ons.

echochrome will also receive Trophy support, although a date hasn't been revealed. You can check out the Trophy list for this puzzle game here. The recently released Brain Challenge also has Trophy support.

Those that have been following the Trophy Portal may have also noticed we've stealthily added a few other games and guides. Check out our Warhawk and Buzz! Quiz TV guides, if you haven't yet.


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