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Buy a Toshiba XV500 HDTV, get a NB100 netbook free (in Australia)

Darren Murph

What's up with Australia and its promotions? Last year, the big deal was Toshiba giving away free HD DVD players with an LCD HDTV purchase and Sony tossing in a PS3 with select 1080p BRAVIAs. This year, we've got Panasonic throwing in a Wii with an HDTV and Toshiba handing out netbooks. You heard right -- for Aussies who plunk down for an XV500 series HDTV at 37-, 42- or 46-inches between now and January 15, 2009, they'll also receive an 8.9-inch NB100 (AU$799) netbook free of charge. Of course, that's "while supplies last," so we'd get on this pronto if you're even mildly interested. As for we Americans? We're taking home free movies with pricey Blu-ray decks. Awesome.

[Via SmartHouse]

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