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Easy Energy Yogen Max foldable, man-powered laptop charger prototype complete

Laura June

Charging your laptop could start to feel a lot more like work in the near future, if the folks at Easy Energy have it their way. They've just completed a protoype for the Yogen Max laptop charger, and though details are particularly spartan about the actual workings of the device, as you can see from the mock-up, it's going to involve a human foot pumping juice directly into your laptop. Unlike some other devices we've seen, the Yogen Max has no external battery, plus it's way more foldable and boasts a totally awesome font. The spokesperson from Easy Energy says they hope to bring the product to the consumer market sometime in 2009. If that girl in the background of the photo is any indication of how outlandishly fun the human-powered charger is to use, we sure hope it's available soon.

[Via Coolest Gadgets, thanks Ink Master]

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