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Riddick comes out of hiding in new Dark Athena video


Starbreeze wasn't cooling its heels while it waited for word on a new publisher for The Chronicle of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, as evidenced by this first video of the game in all its current, two-games-in-one glory. We've seen it in action and can attest to the fact that, yes, it actually looks like this on 360 and PS3 (though it will also be hitting PC).

The video features a couple of elements that we were especially impressed by. The first is a visual nuance, but one that speaks to the effort being put into the polishing of the final game. In the segment where Riddick hangs from a pipe and moves along it, hand over hand, there wasn't one iota of clipping – no "hand through wrist" glitching, nada. The look of the game is extremely solid.

The new gameplay mechanics are impressive as well. The half-man, half-weapon characters in this trailer are "drones" – cyborgs created by the Dark Athena crew from the hapless passengers of ships they've raided. Riddick can kill these enemies and use them as human shields, while using the gun grafted to their arm to shoot. As you'd expect from a real body, it's difficult to push it forward, but dragging it's a snap (which factors into overall strategy). It's also possible to control these guys from a remote terminal, hence the red-hued POV you catch at one point during the footage.

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