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Star Wars: The Old Republic ripe for geek toys

Kyle Horner

We're assuming that when LucasArts says that Star Wars: The Old Republic is ripe for action figures, they mean statues. You know, the kind of fine art that geeks 'round the world display in fine china cabinets and such. Oh who are we kidding? Everyone just wants a bust of HK-47 to put on their desk and/or place of geek display. Besides, if Blizzard can do it, certainly a successful Star Wars MMO can do the same.

LucasArts also mentions comic books, but since there's already a very enjoyable KOTOR comic (you should definitely check it out) currently being produced monthly, we're not sure that we'll see another. And even if there's a second, don't count on us expecting two amazing KOTOR comics -- after all, lightning doesn't strike the same Jawa twice.
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