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Unused RB2 drum port to unlock hidden feature


Well, well, well. As it turns out, Harmonix hasn't been entirely honest about the unused input on the back of the Rock Band 2 drum set. Sandwiched between the orange kick pedal and multi-colored cymbal ports (see above), the extra jack was initially explained away as an expansion port for a second kick pedal, as corroborated by a review guide sent to OXM UK: "It was stated in prior interviews/demos that this input was a jack for the second kick pedal," begins the explanation, before ending with the kicker, "which is not the case." Dun-dun-dunnnh.

The guide continues, teasing that Harmonix "has not revealed the functionality for this input," which will "be announced at a later date, along with further details for double-kick functionality." So ... the port is for a second kick pedal, after all? Along with a ... what? Perhaps Harmonix is vying to make good on one of a couple shelved Guitar Hero add-ons? You tell us.

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