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Video: First look at Kodak's 7.6-inch OLED photo frame


Having developed the first diode device back in the 80s, Kodak knows a thing or two about OLEDs. So it's no surprise (ok, maybe a little) to see them rolling out the world's first 7.6-inch OLED photo frame. CNET got its hands on the $1,000 device considered a "vanity piece" at that price. It offers "brilliant color" as you'd expect and "sharp" 800 x 480 pixel images on the thin OLED panel pushing a 30,000:1 contrast ratio. The WiFi panel connects to Flickr and Kodak's own photo sharing service (if you must) but will not transfer images from Macs direct to the frame -- PCs are apparently fine. Mac users will have to resort to USB drives, SD cards, or Kodak's on-line gallery for image transfers. The frame itself, is touch-sensitive (not the display) and features audio-in and audio-out jacks for musical slideshows. Check out CNET's first look in the video after the break.

[Via OLED-Info]

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