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Warhammer enhanced with all-new tanking goodness in test patch 1.1

Michael Zenke

Been feeling a bit exposed in combat since launch? Suffering from a bad case of DPS? Having problems repelling those hard-fighting swarms of Bright Wizards or Squig Herders? Worry no more! With new, IMPROVED Warhammer Online 1.1, you too can tank your way to victory. That's right, friend, coming today to a test server near you are the all new tanking classes the Knight of the Blazing Sun and Blackguard! Both classes come ready-to-use, with easy to understand mechanics based on the Ironbreaker and Chosen! Deploy with the pointy ends facing out for maximum impact!

Plus, Warhammer 1.1 comes with much, much more! Check out the Deathsword test server for fun and games such as item hyperlinking, 'Easy Mode' public quests, an Open RvR Influence system, Armor Set improvements, and tons of new content. Full patch notes are available on the Warhammer Herald site, and if you act now we'll even throw in a freebie: player statues in the main faction cities! This is a limited time offer, as all of this goodness will soon be coming to the live service. Check it out on test, today!

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