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Who ya gonna watch? New Ghostbusters trailer and screens materialize


Developer Terminal Reality isn't ruling out the chance that the final holdout from the original Ghostbusters cast, Rick Moranis (Louis Tully), will lend his voice to its upcoming game. Still, he's not present or accounted for in the latest trailer for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC version of Ghostbusters: The Videogame. But oh is it dripping with Ghostbusters vibe like so much ectoplasm.

Atari, the new publisher of this June 2009 title, has also released a handful of new shots from the next-gen and Wii versions of the game. While it doesn't sport nearly the same level of detail as the other versions, we found ourselves unexpectedly pleased by the Real Ghostbusters-esque art direction of the Red Fly developed Wii game when we saw it in action. What do you say: charming, or too kiddie?

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