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One Shots: Quick! Before we melt!

As some have noticed, the Smokywood Pastures goblins appear to be ramping up for the Feast of Winter Veil in World of Warcraft. Among the many things you can get as part of your treats is a snowman costume like in the above screenshot, sent in to One Shots by Veng, who plays an (ultra-rare) female Orc Warrior on the Lothar server. Of course, when you couple the costume with running an instance like oldschool World of Warcraft 40-man raid favorite, Molten Core, things can get pretty interesting. This year we suspect we'll see a few more situations like this as players not only gobble up those Smokywood Pastures goods and chase their old world raid achievements. (Ragnaros is one of the boss kills that didn't retroactively credit in the new achievement system.) And hey - don't forget to bring your Eternal Quintessence, even if you are a snowman!

Have you got an old-school screenshot from back in the day that you'd like to show off? Perhaps some type of holiday screenshot from last year's (or earlier) holiday events you can share with us? Whatever MMO you love to play, send those screenshots to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name and a quick description. (Server and guild welcome too - even a holiday greeting for your guildies!) We'll post it out here and share the love.

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