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Nintendo considering new Wiimote accelerometer tech

Nintendo must be pleased as punch with the McDuck-esque mountains of money that their motion-sensitive system has garnered -- though they seem to be focusing on making sure their well-received one-handed peripheral is at its waggliest. In addition to introducing the Wii MotionPlus at this year's E3 press event, Nintendo is apparently looking into swapping out the accelerometer in the Wii Remote, replacing it with newer, faster motion-sensing technology.

This is not only good news for accelerometer manufacturers (who are already wrestling to get their technology into the best-selling controller), but for Wii enthusiasts as well -- according to a Nikkei Tech-On article, a manufacturer named Kionix could provide an accelerometer that will noticably improve the Wiimote's motion sensitivity. However, we hope it doesn't make it too sensitive -- after all, what good is a controller that sits in its room all day, watching Love Actually and listening to James Taylor?

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