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Just /dance the night away

Alexis Kassan

About how long are you in a new game before you decide to check out the emotes? These gestures have become an integral part of the personalities we ascribe to our characters - and perhaps none more than the /dance emote. Ravious over on KillTenRats recently explored dancing in MMOs since newer games without the dance animations have had to spell out why they opted to step off of the dance floor. Many games have more than one animation for dancing. In fact, RuneScape has moves that can only be accessed by paid members and Lord of the Rings Online has dances that can only be gained after completing festival quests.

It remains to be seen if dancing is what truly brings a sense of community to the city squares as Ravious seems to allude. But one thing's for sure - anything's better than sitting around watching the toy train set that never ends!

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