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Warhammer Online immortalizing top players in stone

James Egan

We play massively multiplayer online games for many reasons. For some it's the social aspects of MMO gaming that edge out your standard console multiplayer experience, while others like to explore, collect, or otherwise rack up achievements. Achiever-types have had things to like about Warhammer Online through its Tome of Knowledge which stands as a personal record of what you've done in the game, but Mythic Entertainment is implementing a way to immortalize your deeds in stone. Well, as literally as possible within a game. December's patch 1.1 will add a third dimension to the game's leaderboard system, where the top ten players will see statues of their avatars in WAR's cities, adorned with their names.

Warhammer Online's Content Design Lead, James Casey, has written a developer blog about the concept as well as the blood, sweat, and tears committed to the project behind-the-scenes. Despite the fact you'd envision statues in a game as being -- by definition -- unchanging, WAR's statues will be a dynamic aspect of the game experience. Just because you've got that esteemed status right now doesn't mean someone else isn't going to topple you from that pedestal later on. Have a look at Casey's "Player Statues" dev diary for more about how the best of the best will be able to see their achievements set in stone.

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