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Analyst: Mirror's Edge, NFS, RB2 sales to spur more EA layoffs

Jason Dobson

There could be fewer gifts passed around at Electronic Arts' annual Christmas party as analyst Colin Sebastian anticipates the company may let go more employees in the wake of sluggish sales. While EA eliminated nearly 6% of its workforce last October, the Lazard Capital Markets soothsayer predicts that underperforming titles, including Rock Band 2, Need for Speed Undercover and Mirror's Edge, could likely lead to the company to make even deeper cuts.

EA's bottom line was able to keep from being totally dismembered, however, thanks to what the analyst calls "solid sales" of Dead Space, Left 4 Dead and FIFA 09. Even so, Sebastian lowered his third quarter outlook for the publishing powerhouse from $2.14 to $2.07 billion, leaving Scrooge McDuck with plenty to count over the holidays should Disney come knocking.

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