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Big news on the horizon for DDO

Shawn Schuster

There have been a few hints lately as to a special "DDO-related project" in the works at Turbine, yet as expected, the details aren't released yet. In a recent post at the Dungeon and Dragons Online forums, Tarrant lets us know about the fate of DDO's preview server, Risia. Apparently, this special server was to be closed to internal testing only, for the aforementioned special project, but some issues caused Turbine to make the decision to close it indefinitely. You may remember that Turbine also made this decision recently with Lord of the Rings Online's preview server Roheryn, citing the exact same issue: enough people just don't play on the preview servers between major patches.

Then what is this special project Turbine has been working on, anyway? Jerry at DDOCast has thrown out a few guesses, including the possibility of DDO heading to consoles or Risia being converted to a special server for something else, like an event? Possibly a special preview of Module 9? We don't know yet, but Turbine has stated that the answer will be coming very soon. Check out the rest of this post for more on upcoming DDO goodies, as well as a word puzzle for players to solve, giving even more hints on what's to come!

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