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Harrison: Atari to focus on downloadable PSP titles

Majed Athab

Monsieur Phil Harrison, AKA directeur général délégué des Infogrames, had some words of praise for the PSP at Atari's global showcase last week in London as he called it a "vibrant platform." However, the praise falls short of software support as Phil said the company currently wasn't going to make any new game announcements for the system.

Harrison noted, while not having anything specific to speak of, that Atari does have interest in going the route of e-distribution titles. Said Harrison: "There is no doubt that PSP is a very vibrant platform from a hardware perspective and I think Sony has recently made some good moves into opening up online distribution for software on PSP, so I'm looking to explore that." A downloadable version of N+ would be a great start, Phil!

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