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SIM2 launches Ethernet-packin' C3X LUMIS HOST 1080p projector

Darren Murph

Around this time last year, SIM2 was busy busting wallets with its $32k C3X. This year, we've got a revamped version coming in at an even higher price point: the network-friendly C3X LUMIS HOST. The 1080p beamer packs a 3-chip DLP (DarkChip4) engine, a 35,000:1 contrast ratio, 3,000 ANSI lumens, DynamicBlack technology and IR / Ethernet / RS-232 control ports. The standout feature, however, is SIM2's own proprietary three-line optical-digital High-Definition Optical Signal Transfer (H.O.S.T.) system, which allows two of these beasts to be connected over distances of up to 750-feet. Sadly, this unit will only find homes with those with copious quantities of disposable income, as it starts at $36,495 and goes higher when throwing in a T3 extra-long throw lens.

[Via CyberTheater]

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