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Ben Heck's new 360 laptop, the Xbox 360 Portable [update]


We're not really sure what causes Ben Heckendorn's obsession with cramming large electronic devices into smaller electronic devices, but we certainly admire it. Having already created several Xbox 360 laptops, BenHeck has done it again, this time adding several improvements. The Xbox 360 Portable comes with three new features unseen on previous models, which include built in WiFi, Memory Unit slots, and a removable hard drive. The removable hard drive and Memory Unit slots are an especially nice feature, as they allow for easy trasportation and swapping of data. The keyboard is gone (pointless when we have the Chatpad, says Ben), and the extra space has been outfitted with lots of ventilation. You wouldn't want one of these babies to overheat, after all.

Check out a video of the 360 Portable after the break. Head over to BenHeck's official site for a look at how the laptop was built, including lots of pictures.

[Update: The THQ contest is actually over. However, it looks like BenHeck still has yet to reveal the prize laptop itself, which will be identical to the Xbox 360 Portable with additional artwork on the case.]

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