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Jack Emmert weighs in on the Atari buyout announcement

Kyle Horner

The surprising news this morning that Infogrames, the parent company of Atari, would be purchasing Cryptic Studios prompted us to get in touch with Jack Emmert over at Cryptic Studios in order to shine a little more light on the current situation. Here's what he had to say:

Massively: How will the Atari acquisition change or affect the 2k Games publishing agreement for Champions Online?

Jack Emmert: I'm afraid I can't comment on this. I can only say that I enjoy working with 2k games; they're a great company and even better people.

Can you give us a bit of background on Cryptic's relationship with Atari? Where did the idea for this collaboration emerge?

This evolved after numerous discussions. John Needham, our CEO extraordinaire, had been doing the rounds to look for funding opportunities. We crossed paths with David Gardiner and Phil Harrison of Atari; all of us really hit it off. One thing led to another...and here were are!

This is obviously a very positive step for Cryptic. Can you speak to what kind of benefits you see in your new relationship with Atari?

Atari has a great pool of resources – PR, marketing, distribution, etc. Atari also has a number of terrific IP's that would make great MMO's. Mostly, this acquisition allows Cryptic to focus solely on the business of making great MMO's.

Is this going to alter the beta and release schedules for any Cryptic projects?

Not at all. We're still moving ahead with Champions – Q2 next year, and STO later in the year. Development priorities are the only thing that can shift those dates.

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