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BioWare chooses HeroEngine for SWTOR development

James Egan

It was announced today that BioWare has chosen the HeroEngine from Simutronics to develop Star Wars: The Old Republic. We're already hearing the unasked question: What is the HeroEngine, James, and why should I care?

The name 'HeroEngine' may ring a bell with some Massively readers, as it's often associated with the Hero's Journey MMO. Hero's Journey is a title created by Simutronics that demoes the capabilities of their development platform and tools. The HeroEngine is a collaborative platform that allows for development in real-time, where teams in different locations can build the world while simultaneously playing the game live, with changes that take effect instantaneously. That is to say, no nightly builds are required with the HeroEngine. For us, the players, BioWare's use of the HeroEngine means Star Wars: The Old Republic may come to market sooner.

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