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Sony hopes Heavy Rain will appeal to casual audiences, too

Alan Tsang

In an interview with, the senior vice president of Sony's Worldwide Studios Europe Michael Denny disclosed his desire to see Heavy Rain "appeal to the core [audience] and then the consequence-based gameplay can appeal to a newer audience, a more casual audience as well." The exec then goes on to explain how Quantic Dream's PS3 exclusive will do just that. "It's trying to do something very new, whether you call that the adventure genre, action adventure, we're calling it interactive drama ... It's really not played on the control pad, as much as in your head. It's about making choices and consequences, it's not about twitch gaming and how good you are."

Is Denny correct? Do you think a plot-heavy, mature title like Heavy Rain can appeal to the same audience who plays Buzz! and Singstar? Fire away in the comments below.

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