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The Queue: The spirit of betrayal

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft.

Today, I'll cut the crap and not pretend to be funny, for your sake. Tomorrow, though? Tomorrow, the gloves come off. I will pretend to be absolutely hilarious until the cows come home.

matthew asked...

So I did a quest in Sholazar to kill Artruis and accidentally changed from Oracle to Frenzyheart. How exactly do I change back to oracle because I want to get the egg?

Just go kill Artruis again the following day. Every day you get a chance to switch sides. Yes, betraying your friends is a daily quest. Sweet, huh? The egg makes it all worthwhile.

Dightkuz asked...

Why do Paladins not need Spirit?

A few reasons. The class just isn't built to utilize it. For one, none of their talents whatsoever are augmented by Spirit. That's one of the big draws for the classes that do use it. Look at a Priest's healing trees, there's Spirit everywhere. Two, their healing style doesn't allow for them to be outside of the 5 Second Rule... ever. To be honest, it's rare for any healing class to hit that these days, but it's especially true for Paladins.

Intellect is their regen stat, thanks to Illumination and how Replenishment works. The higher their Crit and Max Mana, the more they'll get out of Illumination and Replenishment. If there's no Replenishment to be found, MP5 becomes more important. Spirit is never good for them.

Llyneth asked...

I have a question: I've been working on my Cooking achievements for a while now, and am beginning to narrow down the recipes I still need for the Northrend Gourmet. Most of them are bought with Dalaran Cooking Awards, which is fine, but there's a few that aren't, although I noticed I got some of the item as quest rewards-- like Succulent Orca Stew and Kungaloosh. I haven't been able to figure out where these recipes come from. Are they drops from the Spice Bag or something?

Bug! These are recipes that were supposed to be rewarded from quests, but for some reason it ended up not working that way. For example, early on in the Wrath beta I was given the Kungaloosh recipe from a quest in Sholazar Basin. When I did the quest once it hit live, I was given 20 drinks rather than the recipe. It's a bug, and I imagine that in an upcoming patch they'll either retroactively hand out those recipes or give us a new way to acquire them. I really, really hope it's not the Spice Bags.

pietrex asked...

It is perhaps something that was asked before, but I wonder what WoW Insider think about this. I'd like to know what is the fastest class to level to 55 if I just want to make a Death Knight on a different realm. Knowing the best spec would be nice too. I know it's probably an arguable topic, but anyway...

Yeah, I'm not sure I can answer that without it being called out as a cop out. It depends on your play style. Really. Hunter can be super easy mode quick leveling, but some people (like myself) find it horribly boring and that makes it take even longer. Personally, I level Paladins faster than anything else. I'm kind of ashamed to say it, but I have three Paladins. One on the Alliance, one on the Horde, and another Alliance Paladin on another server I don't play anymore. It's very, very easy for me. Spec Prot, round up groups of mobs, swim in the XP.

Rednight asked...

With Death Knights not being able to wield shields I was just wondering what makes them so good at being a "tank"? Because having a shield provides a lot of extra defense and blocking & parrying abilities. But other than being able to wear plate, isn't having a tank with no shield sort of a bad thing?

Death Knights, like Feral Druids, have other skills/abilities that allow them to tank. Death Knights, thanks to Frost Presence, have high baseline mitigation. They have higher than normal Parry rates to boost their avoidance. They have more mitigation-based cooldowns. Things like that. Not all tanks work the same, and they don't all need shields.
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