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World of Warcraft launches paid character re-customization

Michael Zenke

About two months ago we discussed the discovery of a 'character customization' button in the user interface for World of Warcraft. Somehow unsurprisingly in a week full of microtransaction announcements, Blizzard has quietly rolled out paid character customization options to the WoW live service. The account management component of the official site has full details on the offering. According to the customization page, for the price of $15 players can change:
  • Gender
  • Character Name
  • Face
  • Hair Style
  • Skin Color
  • Any other "cosmetic features determined by your race and gender combination."
What you can't change, though, is your race or your class. Just as with server transfers, players are only allowed to re-customize a given character once in 30 days, and all pre-existing naming restrictions exist on the service. Re-customization cannot be reversed on a character once it's in place ... unless you shell out another $15 and wait the 30 day restriction period. Head over to the official account management page to try it out for yourself, or dig into the re-customization FAQ to have all your questions answered.

[Via WoW Insider]

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