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Raptr founder Dennis Fong discusses the importance of social networking

Shawn Schuster

In the world of social networks for gamers, the competition is certainly growing, Starting with sites like Xfire and branching into more feature-rich services like gamerDNA, any new gaming social networking site would certainly have its work cut out for it.

During a recent interview with Obsessable, Raptr's founder Dennis Fong explains his company's vision in regards to providing more comprehensive features for social gamers. As a co-founder of Xfire, Fong understands gaming trends and the underlying social infrastructure of gamers. "We want to help people to know when their friends are playing games in realtime across multiple platforms." Fong says in the interview. "Our ultimate hope is that literally any platform that games are played on, if someone's playing on it and you're a user on that platform, then you'll know about it through Raptr." Read much more on Fong's vision with Raptr on his extensive interview with Obsessable.

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