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Analyst warns against low-end HDTVs, says it could cost you in the end

Darren Murph

David Berman, director of training and public relations for the Home Theater Specialists of America, is clearly not a far of bargain bin HDTVs. We're not talking Vizio and the like, we're talking Sansui and these crazy labels you've never, ever heard of outside of the occasional Black Friday mention. According to him, he'd steer clear of any low-end HDTVs, as "the primary methods low-end manufacturers use to cut manufacturing costs are to remove key technologies and features that reduce performance, reliability, and service." It's tough to say exactly how accurate that is overall (at least in a "blanket statement" type sense), but in theory, we tend to agree. Particularly these days, when one can find a name brand set with decent specifications and a respectable warranty for next to nothing, there's hardly a reason to cut corners for an extra $25 to $50 savings. Just do Top Ramen for a few nights and you're even stevens!

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