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Blizzard offers $15 WoW character facelift, sex change


Feeling blue (literally)? Time for a (sex) change? Blizzard has made available Character Re-Customization for World of Warcraft, a.k.a. the ability to modify your in-game avatar's features, gender, and name for $15 in real-world dough.

Our role-playing pals at WoW Insider have an in-depth look at the new offering, pointing out that it does not allow you to change your character's race or class, and that, seeing as a name change on its own runs $10, it's a pretty sweet deal. Oh, and Blizzard has thoughtfully addressed the potential for griefers changing their identities to get away with foul deeds; if a player is on your (or your friends') ignore list, the naughty knave's name will be updated accordingly.

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