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Plastic shares Linger in Shadows development tools

Majed Athab

Are you familiar with the demoscene group known as Plastic? If you are not, then you've been taking the "interactive digital art" Linger in Shadows for granted. Plastic is the group responsible for putting LiS together; so all your strange nightmares of floating Basset Hounds are all thanks to them. Speaking of 'putting LiS together,' Plastic group co-founder, Bonzaj, sent us a tip on a video the group made which showcases some of the tools used in making Linger.

The group used something called "Pico" -- a graphics engine for integration with Maya. "The tools are Maya plugins," said Bonzaj. "... and they can be downloaded from our site for free." Budding game developers (or digital artists for that matter) might want to avail of the free tools, but first, you'll probably want to check out that video we mentioned earlier and see those tools in action. You can watch that after the break.

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