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Video: Super Xbox Fanboy's dungeon of terror


Let's get one thing straight. We are Xbox 360 Fanboys, but we're not, you know, fanboys. We're all for extravagant gaming setups. Hell, we helped create one. But this ... this defies description, and frankly we're not sure how we missed it (it's been up for two years, apparently).

In the video above you will see the Xbox 360 room of an extremely dedicated man. You might be with him while he's showing off the 360-themed paintjob. You might be willing to follow him along when he shows off the built-in mini fridge. You'll probably be losing him around the time you see the furniture covered in neon green fur. But for us, the abject terror set in when he turned on the green LED lights, giving the whole room an eerie, otherworldly glow.

It was then that we realized this is no game room. This is a dungeon. This is where someone stores you while he prepares to make a suit out of your skin.

[Via poeTV]

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