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BBC, ITV and BT look to collaborate on IPTV set-top-box

Darren Murph

We've witnessed the union of both the BBC and ITV before on like-minded projects, but now it seems the duo has rounded up a third party for something a bit more ambitious. Reportedly, BBC, ITV and BT will be locking hands in order to develop a set-top-box that would "deliver IPTV over one's broadband connection to their TV set." Technologically, we're not talking about anything atypical here, but it would be something rather unique for the flagging European TV market. If approved by the BBC Trust, the box could theoretically bring all BBC iPlayer and ITV OD content to one's TV set, and hopefully, more high-def material. Obviously, the deal is just now beginning to form, so we wouldn't count on having anything substantial to swoon over in the short term.

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